The conferences will include plenary sessions, keynote speeches and multiple specialized sessions on a variety of topics including but not limited to:

  • Airports: Optimization of existing capacity including A-CDM procedures * Airport development including master planning * Airport investments including PPP (public private partnership) arrangements
  • Airlines: Slot management * Incentives in fees and charges (peak pricing) * Airline fleet planning * Connectivity and network development (also related to scare airport and air space capacity)
  • ATC: A-CDM network manager *  Efficient en route traffic management and planning * Optimal airport arrival and departure ATC procedures
  • Integrated urban development: Big data * Urban issues * Tourism * Public transport connection, Airport City and Smart City development
  • Sustainability: Electric flight * Emission taxation and circularity costs * Intermodal transportation * Synthetic Fuels * Ultra Fine Particles and health, noise reduction
  • Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul: Advanced maintenance technologies * Composites damage detection & assessment * Data mining and analytics in MRO * Failure analysis * New repair methodologies * Predictive maintenance * Propulsion technologies for aerospace vehicles * Reliability, availability and maintainability * Supply chain and (part) logistics and process optimization

Research areas like big data, data analysis, simulation and optimization, human factors and safety are relevant in all topics and can be addressed in each session. Per topic we aim for a well balanced mix of scientific and educational paper presentations  and industry contributions. Within all sessions we pay extra attention for education and training issues like increase training capacity and qualification & safety of staff.



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